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2016- 2017 Administrative Theme

“Connect with Communities Through Service”


President's Goals

1. Complete at least two community projects monthly.  

Kiwanis Club of Nassau is on a mission to connect, enrich lives and explore communities that need to be improved by acts of  Kiwanians.


2. Guide, support and act as a role model for all Service Leadership Programs.

The SLP clubs were created to promote the act of charity in the youth. When we connect through service with our SLP clubs we provide life changing opportunities for them while simultaneously maintaining a positive relationship with our SLP clubs.  They are the future of Kiwanis and will need our support and guidance.


3. Build a closer relationship with our fellow Kiwanis Clubs.

This will be accomplished by connecting more through projects, socials and interclubs.


4. Increase membership by a minimum of 10%.

Members will be encouraged to attend both meetings and projects. Appealing membership drives will be conducted quarterly to attract prospective members who will contribute and support the objects of Kiwanis.


5. Provide on-going Kiwanis education for members.

It is through education that members will have more of an appreciation for serving and build confidence to enlighten others of the work of Kiwanis.


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